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"Our freedoms are not safe unless we as citizens interest ourselves in government, inform ourselves about it, and involve ourselves in it. That is precisely what Pachyderms are doing."

—  Ronald Reagan

Mission Statement

Free Government Requires Active Citizens' participation, for we are not ruled by the majority, but by the majority who vote.

We are a chapter of the National Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs, affiliated with the Republican National Committee, and we coordinate with other Pachyderm clubs in the greater San Antonio area along with the Republican Party of Texas. Our mission is to provide a practical means for broad citizen participation in politics; to provide practical political education and dissemination of information on our political system and elected officials; to promote the development of potential leaders; to be involved with our community and assist in carrying out the purposes of the Republican Party whose purposes, we believe to include:

  •  Providing leadership in government.

  •  Protecting individual rights and freedom. 

  •  Promoting efficient government with a local emphasis.

  •  Keeping the public informed on the status of their government. 

  •  Most of all promoting family, community, country, and God.

The Purpose of Pachyderm Clubs

To promote political education and the dissemination of information on our political system. 

To assist in carrying out the mission of the Republican Party, which includes:

  •  Providing leadership in Government

  •  Protecting individual rights and freedoms

  •  Promoting clean government with local emphasis.


To provide a public forum for the discussion of all sides of issues of local concern. 

To encourage citizen involvement in government at all levels; from serving on boards and commissions to running for office. 

To provide training for Republican volunteers and candidates throughout the year. 

To provide an environment of "Fun, Fellowship & Program." 

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