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August Luncheon & Networking Event featuring

George Rodriguez

August 03, 11:00 AM

San Antonio Petroleum Club

George Rodriguez was born in Laredo and raised in San Antonio. He is a graduate of BYU and has done graduate studies at the Arizona State, West Virginia, De Paul, and Harvard School of Government. His lecture topics are race relations, Fake News, and the Border Crisis, especially “The Second Phase.”

The Second Phase of the Border Crisis is the impact the border crisis has on you and your communities. That includes the impact on local public safety, health systems, welfare, homelessness, education, housing, employment, and other public resources. How did we get here and what are the local solutions absent the federal government’s actions to secure the border?

What’s the point of being a lawful citizen if an illegal alien gets the same rights and benefits? If foreigners are killing our citizens with drugs, isn’t that an act of war?

As an American of Mexican descent who grew up on the border, George has studied its history, politics, and economics, and lived its culture. He can speak about it with honesty and as an expert.

George was also a Reagan and Bush 1 appointee, and he is a current radio talk show host and blogger.

Read his book and invite him to speak in person.

The invasion is real, and the defense of freedom starts in your backyard.


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