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Border County Sheriff
Roy Boyd


September Luncheon & Networking Event featuring

Border County Sheriff

Brad Coe & Roy Boyd

September 07, 11:00 AM

San Antonio Petroleum Club

Sheriff Roy Boyd currently stands at the helm of the Goliad County Sheriff's Office, leading with unwavering dedication and commitment. Married and a proud father of four children, Sheriff Boyd's devotion to his family mirrors his devotion to serving and protecting the community he calls home.

His law enforcement journey commenced in 1994 when he graduated from  Victoria College Police Academy and embarked on his career with the Victoria Police Department. Over the years, he steadily climbed the ranks, proving his exceptional leadership and skills, ultimately reaching the position of Assistant Chief. Sheriff Boyd's capabilities shone even brighter when he served as Interim Chief on two occasions, earning the respect and admiration of his colleagues. In 2012, after a remarkable 20 years of service, he retired from the Victoria Police Department, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and excellence.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Sheriff Boyd's passion for law enforcement led him to immediately join the Victoria County Sheriff's Office as Chief Deputy . Here, he continued to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to public safety and community well-being.

In 2020, with unanimous support and admiration from his peers and constituents, Sheriff Boyd made the pivotal decision to run for Goliad Sheriff, a position he was elected to with resounding approval. His tireless efforts and dedication to serving the community propelled him to this esteemed role, where he continues to uphold the values of integrity and excellence.

Throughout his career, Sheriff Boyd's impact extended beyond his roles in law enforcement. As a board member of the Hope Child Advocacy Center, he played a significant role in establishing the forensic center for investigations in 2001, ensuring justice for vulnerable victims. Furthermore, he actively advanced collaborative mental health efforts in the region, recognizing the importance of addressing mental health issues in conjunction with law enforcement efforts. Sheriff Boyd's commitment to a safer community also led to his involvement in creating the Crossroads' multi-agency High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force, taking a stand against drug-related crimes.

Additionally, Sheriff Boyd has actively participated in Operation Lone Star, a crucial initiative launched by Governor Abbott in 2021 to address the challenges at the border. As part of the multi-agency effort, this mission has resulted in over 336,000 migrant apprehensions and more than 23,000 criminal arrests, making significant strides in combating fentanyl-related crimes. Under his watchful leadership, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) seized over 354 million lethal doses of fentanyl, underscoring the importance of their collective efforts in safeguarding the community.

Sheriff Roy Boyd's remarkable career journey is a testament to his passion for law enforcement, dedication to community welfare, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. As Goliad County Sheriff, he continues to lead by example, striving to create a safer and more secure environment for all residents under his steadfast and vigilant guidance.

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