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George Rodriguez


George Rodriguez, Director

George Rodriguez was born in Laredo and raised in San Antonio. He is a graduate of BYU and has done graduate studies at Arizona State, West Virginia, De Paul, and Harvard School of Government. His lecture topics are race relations, Fake News, and the Border Crisis.
George was a Reagan and Bush 1 appointee. He worked in the Reagan administration on immigration and police/community issues.
He worked as HUD director in Houston and West Virginia from 1989-2003.
He was president of the San Antonio Tea Party from 2010-12. He served on the national board of the Tea Party from 2012-15.
He is a radio talk show host, author, public speaker, and blogger.
George believes that freedom and liberty start at the local grassroots level, and he speaks about “The Impact of Local Fake News on Local Politics.”
He speaks about “The Second Phase of the Border Crisis,” which is the border crisis's impact on Texas and all communities throughout America. That includes the impact on local public safety, health systems, welfare, homelessness, education, housing, employment, and other public resources.
As an American of Mexican descent who grew up on the border, George has studied its history, politics, and economics and lived its culture. He can speak about it with honesty and as an expert.
He also speaks about law enforcement and public safety issues, particularly since the Black Lives Matter movement. Law enforcement has been eroded by social justice, and criminals are considered the victims while police are evil.
George’s “El Conservador” show is on KLUP-930 AM on Saturdays at 2 pm central which is sponsored by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). He also has a website,, where you can read his articles and listen to his shows.
George serves on the Alamo Pachyderm Club and the Alamo Conservative Club boards.

George Rodriguez
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