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Francisco R. Canseco


The Honorable Quico Canseco, Vice President

The Honorable Francisco R. Canseco serves on the Texas Public Policy Foundation with extensive experience in public policy, conservative politics, and community leadership. A licensed attorney, “Quico” represented the 23rd congressional district of Texas in the 112th United States Congress.
Fluent in five languages, he was selected by the Speaker to deliver the Spanish language State of the Union response in his first year as a congressman. He served on the House Financial Services Committee and authored legislation for a constitutional economy, promoting border security, and challenging EPA overreach.
A graduate of Culver Military Academy, St. Louis University, and St. Louis University School of Law supplemented by law studies Université de Paris, Sorbonne-Panthéon, he has more than 49 years’ experience in law, banking, finance, real estate, and energy. From 1995 through 2010, he served on the board of the Hondo National Bank chairing the holding company board and the bank’s asset-liability committee. He served as president of his family’s real estate development company. Together with his siblings, he has served and supported communities of South Texas with scholarship, education, and healthcare projects as a trustee of the Canseco Family Foundation.
A first-generation American and native of Laredo, Quico actively serves as president of several hospital and school boards as well as community nonprofit agency boards including Child Advocacy San Antonio, Crosspoint Inc., and volunteers for San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic. He is a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, SREC. He is also the president of the Alamo Pachyderm Club and was the only male board member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women. Quico lives in San Antonio with his wife of 45 years, Gloria, and they have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Francisco R. Canseco
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